Übergizmo over de Google Home

Bij übergizmo trekken ze de volgende conclusie na een uitgebreide review van de Google Home, in vergelijking met de Amazon Echo.

At Ubergizmo we are big fans of the Amazon Echo for various reasons. We love to ask all kinds of questions using our voice from anywhere in the room, without the need to look for our smartphone. In the morning, when I wake up, I love to ask Alexa to read me the NPR news out loud with my eyes still closed, since I need 30 minutes to totally wake up and jump out of my bed.

Those examples are just a few among the limitless applications you will be able to get from intelligent speakers connected to thousands of services. My only concern is with privacy, although Google assured that Home starts to listen to you only when you say “ok Google”, however, I am not sure if it cannot be hacked, just like webcams, and controlled to constantly listen.

Google Home looks even smarter on the paper with more capabilities such as the multi-room feature and the super stylish design!

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